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SiS and CLEVO Build Ultra-Portable Notebook PC

Issued on: Apr 19, 2007

Clevo M721S/M720S notebook is based on the SiS SiSM671 mobile chipset.
SiS has announced the launch of SiSM671-based notebook PC in the name of M721S/M720S made by notebook manufacturer CLEVO.

The M721S/M720S notebook is co-developed by SiS and CLEVO for complete compatibility with Windows Vista. It comes in a 12-inch form factor and is very light-weight at 1.8kg. It supports high-speed UMTS/HSDPA protocols to offer wireless internet on-the-move. Besides the regular features, CLEVO has also managed to incorporate a fingerprint reader for improved security to the notebook users.
The SiSM671 Chipset supports Intel's mobile processors including the flagship Core 2 Duo processors. It uses DDR2 667/533 MHz memory in capacities up to 4GB. SiS Mirage3 chip is the graphics engine of the chipset and it offers smooth animation in 2D and 3D condition with Vertex Shader2.0 and Pixel Shader2.0 technology. This will ensure that Windows Vista runs in all its glory with the graphic intensive Aero interface. It is DirectX capable.

The SiS968 Southbridge chipset is paired with the SiSM671 Northbridge chipset to enrich the overall performance of CLEVO M721S/M720S notebook PCs. With the support to PCI Express x1 transmission, Serial ATA interface, 3 USB2.0 ports, High Definition Audio and 10/100Mbps Ethernet, the SiS968 Southbridge chipset is able to meet customers' requirements.
Daniel Chen, President and CEO of SiS stated, "CLEVO M721S/M720S is the first SiSM671-based notebook PCs. It is light-weighted, sophisticated but definitely well-equipped. Therefore, we expect to see the spectacular sales success."